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Don't go with 2nd best unless you like 2nd place! Pro Tan® is the official tanner of the Dexter Jackson Classic. They will be the ONLY tanner allowed on site and backstage. ProTan will be there for you until the moment you walk on stage to assure that you are PERFECT!

The number of applications you need depends on how dark your natural skin tone is, how dark you want to be, and how well your skin absorbs the color.

Typically, competitors with light or medium skin tone need two applications, while dark skinned competitors need one. For bodybuilders, we recommend three applications.

More than two coats in one day is not recommended. Starting the tanning process two days before your show is ideal.

Our Tanning Package Includes:

  • Application(s) of Pro Tan® Overnight Competition Color
  • Application(s) of Bikini Bronze®, Physique Bronze®, or Body Builder Bronze®

Once all your tanning is done the final step is to apply either Show Shine®, Muscle Juice® or Muscle Sheen® for that maximum stage glow. These products will be applied just prior to going on stage.

We have a NO cancellation policy. If you need to make any changes to your reservation, please email or call 954.423.4161 ext.310 at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.

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